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BBY Photo Gallery

This gallery is made up of BBY boats from clients and Team members.
Click on an image to see the full size view!

BBY SS Hydro Flying Through the air!

Ulises Torres writes "These are my BBY Boats that I have painted over the last couple of years. BBY's have been my favorites to paint, they are tough inexpensive and a blast to run.

Taylor Shaw writes "This is the micro scat cat I got from Randy, I did up all the vinyl and well as the paint. Filled in the transom Notch with left over plastic as well. This is not powered right now, but will be powered by a hacker 5S on Pole Position IB4200's. Its gonna be a totally uncontrollable rocket!!

Thomas R. Jackson's Oval Master 26 Running 16 gp3300 cells, a Nemesis 10XL, Hacker Master 77 and turning a X642 or X640 on direct drive. Thomas says ,"I haven't clocked it yet but it's moving! On still water only the props in at full speed. Best handling boat I have ever owned".
Thomas R. Jackson's Scat Cat 26 Running 16 gp3300 cells, a Fine Design Cordite SS1, Rc-Hydros PG 1024 /90W and turning a X442 or X445 direct drive. Thomas says, "Very fast Cat! I love the new offshore style hardware. This boat is a blast to drive. The fact that it will blast by many of the monos I run with is cool too".

Here are a couple of photos of Mike Golightly's version of the BBY Sport 40 Eagle . It has a Picco 45, Prather 245 prop, Futaba radio gear, and runs on 60% O'donnel fuel. The exhaust stack is aluminum and the wing is foam filled fiberglass.

Paul Senia's Scat Cat 26 painted as the Tommy Bahamas!

Paul writes: I'm sending some photos of my scat cat I got a few months ago. Just finished with painting. I would like to thank you for staying current with latest designs, and selling a good product at a GREAT price.

Bob Lahde's BBY LSH. Bob writes "Got the kit completed, ran it 4th of July, drove true as could be right off the building board ! I have the rudder on the right hand side. Turns equally well in either direction. Definitely a step up in speed over what I have been running. 

Mattyjoe's Oval Master! It's powered by a Green Machine with an Octura X632 prop, a Lightning Man speed control and 2000 mah sport packs with Deans connectors. 

This is Patrick Mull's second BBY 21 rigger. Mac powered with BBY hardware.

This was the original BBY VS that was on the RCBM cover and the author sold the boat on ebay to Robert Brooks. Robert came by the shop for some up grades and is going to join the Devil Mountain water boilers model boat club and race the boat in our spec class. what a luck guy!

Ralph von Eppinghoven's Oval Master. Ralph says "I am running 6 cells (2400 mah Hills) and a stock Green Machine 3 motor, through an AstroFlight 212D ESC, turning an X632 prop. I placed all of the components at the dimensions you gave me. I am using the Hitec Lynx FM radio. The radio and electronics are solid with no glitching or problems. The boat runs very well and it is a lot of fun - I really need to improve my driving!!. I am still adjusting (playing?) the trim a bit to get the best speed. I have timed/measure the boat at about 18 mph and 4 minute run times

This boat is from Skip Green. Skip writes "my claim to fame......BBY .12 rigger, HPI/Rossi .12, macs pipe, Octura V937, JR Radio gear, Redmax 60%. speed gunned at 43 mph. I don't think that's tooooo bad for a .12"
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Here's Randy Naylors Sport 40! What else has to be said?

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These 2 custom boats were built by Paul Pachmayer. Paul writes: " This first one is a War Zone Jr, It is equipped with a Water Heater motor, surface drive, x432 prop, Tekin Marine ESC, and water cooling. The boat is very quick and handles great.
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Here's his second "mystery" boat. Anyone know where the cowling came from???? Nice work Paul!!! Paul writes: "This is a Oval Master I just completed, I'm running a P2K motor, DuraTrax Streak esc, Airtronics radio.  The interesting thing about this boat is it is sub-surface driven.  I have swung a x427 and a x430 on it with great results. 

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The following entry is from Dan Chase. He writes "The hull is 20 inches long, I made custom vinyl decals for it. The cat is powered by a water cooled Lighting Man, ND 10 10t motor. I am using 6 cells with either Matched Hill Top 2200's or matched Orion 2400's. The speed control is a LRP V7.1. All of the Hardware is from BBY. I have only run it one time, and the results looked extremely promising!
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Patric Mull submitted this picture of his BBY .21 Rigger

Here's another HOT Boat from Skip Green. Check out the cowl!

Skip writes: BBY Oval Master with new hatch, Tekin speed control, Airtronics radio, Trinity Speedgems 2 11T Triple motor(Topaz), Octura x632 and of course, Hardware by Randy Naylor. The Oval Master Graphic design is from Dan Chase. This hull FLYS! The 11T Trip is almost too much, but it sure is FUN this way !

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